I seeLondon, I see FRANCE, check out my new fashionable pants!

We were reluctant to leave England’s cool weather. The girls, however, were more than excited to find their true love and beautiful fashions.

In order to get to France, our class boarded a magic submarine, which Mrs. Hamilton assured us was an efficient form of transportation. Personally, I thought the magic school bus ran out of mo-jo because of Mrs. Hamilton’s bad jokes. This trip took a whole two hours! Compared to our other travels, was an excruciating amount of time. Luckily, Ambra was a secret ice cream dealer, and managed to hook me up with my men, Ben and Jerry. By the time we reached France, I was on a sugar rush.

We began our adventure in France with an exciting river cruise. Oh la la! The famous  Notre Dame, a Roman Catholic Church, came up on our left. Napoleon was crowned emperor in this extravagant church. It has a gothic design with beautiful colored stained glass windows, with gargoyles perched on a ledge at the top of the church, looking down at the people passing by. From the sky, the church is shaped like a cross and is located on an island.

Next up on our river adventure, was the Louvre. Known for its amazing collection of master pieces and valuables. Before it was a world-renowned museum, it was a palace. People travel from all over the world to experience, first hand, the essence of art’s history. The famous Mona Lisa is held here, along with a garden full of famous sculptures and hundreds of life changing exhibits.

Coming up to Museo d’Orsay, originally a railway station, is now an art museum. It is a tall building, about five stories high. The building is amazingly symmetrical. This museum is known world-wide for displaying famous impressionist artist’s painting.

Lastly on our river cruise, was the iconic Eiffel Tower. It is the most visited and paid monument in the world. It was built for a world faire. The same man who built and, designed the Eiffel Tower, also built and designed the Statue of Liberty in New York City. It was a gift to the United States from France It is the tallest building in France, it is wide and the bottom and slopes into a point. Made of iron and steel, coded with copper; the iron looks as if it was weaved. There are three stories to the Tower, however the highest you are allowed to view from is the second, a five-star restaurant, only if you are dining there.

Following our trend of feasting with wise, powerful individuals, we enjoyed crepes and coffee, at a local café. We were joined by enlightenment philosophers including Locke, Rousseau, and Montesquieu. They shared with us their thoughts on government. These philosophers had an enormous impact on they way modern democracy is today. Of coarse, it doesn’t hurt that they picked up the tab.

After talking with the wise philosophers, we saw the world in a new perspective and light. We then wanted to share our new-found knowledge, the philosophers gifted us with, to the people back home. We had a new goal. It was time to finally end our journey of the Origins of Democracy, and take with us the knowledge we learned. We were going home!John Locke’s idea of natural rights: life, liberty and property.

France’s Enlightenment Era Contributions to Democracy:

John Locke’s idea of natural rights: life, liberty and property

Montesque’s idea of three branches of government

Ruso’s idea of a social contract, the agreement between the people and government


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